Satellite Photo Two Ponies

The new Club is 10 minutes outside Pilar, the “Ascot” of Buenos Aires polo.

Buenos Aires, famous for its good value shopping, is about an hour’s drive.

The international Airport at BA is 70-90 mins away by car, depending on traffic.

The best flight is British Airways direct – departs 9.30 pm, arrives 9.30 am local

Cost varies according to deals secured, but generally £600-£800 can be found.

Other deals from regional airports, routed via Amsterdam, Paris or Madrid also offer good value.

The winter time difference is 3 hours, which minimises jet lag.

Those with Google Earth will find the Club at 34° 20.20 S 59° 05.20 W

The climate October-March sees afternoon temperatures at 23°-33° C

There are quality golf courses in and around Pilar.